fenomas.com: demos and work samples

Below find a few samples of the sort of Flash development work I've been doing over the years. Unfortunately very little of my work at my most recent position was shareable, so this is largely client work from the 2001-2006 era; the days of Flash 5-8. or thereabouts. Much of the text content is in Japanese, but the workings should be pretty clear.

My education was in physics, and when I set out to build effects or interfaces, I'm usually inspired by the natural world and natural processes. Ultimately, an interface is no good unless the user acclimates to it immediately, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to borrow from metaphors and behaviors that users know from their usual lives. For this reason I have particular interests in areas like physics simulation, AI, and programmatic animation, all of which tend to recur in the things I make.

Enjoy! Japanese is here: 日本語はこちら.

Audi R8 V10 Virtual Launch- Freelance Minisite, 7/2009
This was a virtual car launch for the Audi R8 V10. It was created to accompany an actual launch event, allowing people who couldn't visit the venue to experience the car virtually.
This project was the subject of a brief write-up (Japanese) in Nikkei Design magazine.
I was not involved with the planning or concept for this project. My roles were programming, production, and developing the panoramic 3D interface.
Volkswagen Japan Polo GTI- Minisite, 12/2005
This was a minisite promoting a car model launch for Volkswagen Japan. It did not directly accompany offline marketing; it had its own concept produced for the web. We even did a turntable photo shoot for the central car images (of course it would likely have been done in CG these days).
My roles were production, programming, animation and concept development.
Flash 8 Texture Mapping- Experiment, 7/2005
Requires Flash player 8 or higher
This demo showcases new features of the Flash 8 player, implementing arbitrary image and video warping for a texture-mapping effect, making a variable tradeoff between quality and speed. As far as I know it is the only one of its kind. It was difficult and took me a long time, but I learned an amazing amount about graphics making it.

For anyone interested, since Flash's per-pixel transformations are too slow for this kind of effect, the algorithm calculates color maps that are passed to the displacementMap filter to warp each image. The variable quality is achieved by creating the maps at smaller than actual size and scaling them up in Flash's native renderer. If you're still reading this far, I'll merely add that the 3D rotation algorithm is hysteresis-free.
This was a solo project.
VW Tokyo Motor Show 2005- Minisite, 10/2005
This illustration-heavy mini-site was inspired by Volkswagen Japan's booth at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. It had no offline component, so its concept and visuals were original for this promotion. The emphasis was on giving users at home the feel of being at the Motor Show, filtered through VW's usual lens of quirky fun.
I worked on production, programming, animation and concept development.
Panache 5F- Minisite, 4/2001
Get ready for cutting-edge Flash 3D, circa 2001. This was a minisite for the agency where I worked, with an unusual 3D interface. The rendering works similarly in principle to modern 3D Flash engines, in that it achieves a 3D effect using affine transformations, except that there was no way at the time to split textures into pieces (and it would have brought machines to a standstill anyway).

What I still like about this piece is the nostalgia. The original splash page sternly warned users that the site required the Flash 5 plugin. And note the subtly-hidden buttons in the upper-left corner - they toggle the rendering quality in case these hard-core transformations burdened the user's CPU. Hey - at the time it was a worry.
Incidentally, this site may have been the earliest 3D effect of this kind to be done in Flash. I don't know of any earlier examples, anyway.
I did everything here except the high-level design.
Gecko- Experiment, 8/2004
This interactive gecko started as an experiment in organic motion, and continued life as part of a pitch for new business. We ultimately found out from the client that it was a deciding factor in our winning the business - if they had chosen another agency, they would have missed out on the gecko. After that, people at my company started using the term "Gecko factor" to refer to that one eye-popping feature every pitch needs - the thing that the client will remember and want for their site.
This was a solo project.
Jigsaw Screensaver- Screensaver, 8/2002
This is an in-browser demonstration of a screensaver made to accompany a Volkswagen Japan minisite. Of all the screensavers I've made - and I've made a lot - this one is my favorite. The contents and concept are recycled from a jigsaw puzzle mini-game I built as part of the same promotion.
I'm responsible for all of this one except the photography.
Scion Flash 8 demo- Experiment, 9/2005
Requires Flash player 8 or higher
This is an experiment showing off some features of the new version 8 Flash player. It was used in a promotional Flash contest for Scion, of which I was one of the judges.
This was solo, though of course the images and video are from Scion.
Golf A5 Minigame- Minigame, 5/2004
This simple car game for one or two players is based on table-top model racetracks. Players 1 and 2 use the "A" and "L" keys to accelerate, with the computer running player 2 if needed. The deceptively challenging part was creating AI for the computer player that abides by the same physical rules as the human player, without being either incompetent or unbeatable.

As simple as this game is, people played the hell out of it, and the top submitted score of 22.522 seconds is far better than I ever got. This was originally part of a minisite for the VW Golf A5, but I was responsible only for the game.
I'm responsible for everything here except the layout and audio.
Dyson DC12 minisite- Minisite, 4/2005
This promotional minisite was the online component of a very successful TV ad campaign for the Dyson DC12 vacuum cleaner. Its unorthodox method of inviting users to compare their vacuum's performance helped Dyson become the first foreign vacuum cleaner to surpass a local manufacturer in market share.
My roles here were production, programming and animation.
VW Touran "Board Game" - Minisite, 4/2004
For the family-oriented Volkswagen Touran launch, we built a promotional minisite reminiscent of family board games. While not a game per se, the simple game-like interface proved a successful match for the light-hearted concept and visual execution.
My roles were production, programming, animation and concept development.
Volkswagen TMS 2003- Minisite, 10/2003
This is minisite promoted Volkswagen Japan's booth at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show. To give users a sense of visitng the show, they are invited to choose an avatar and explore VW's booth in a virtual-world like interface. One highlight is the pathfinding, as I believe this might have been the first time I played with the A* algorithm.
My roles: production, programming, animation and concept development.