Interviewed: Gamedev and windmills, sort of

I forgot to blog about it at the time, but a few years ago my friend (and longtime D&D campaign member) Paul was kind enough to profile me for his newsletter. At the time he was just getting started in the newsletter racket, and had to scrape by interviewing nobodies like me, but since then it’s grown into a great tech/Japan resource.

Anyhoo here’s the profile of yours truly:

Tilting at GameDev Windmills

Incidentally I can’t count the times I’ve been asked for advice on finding a tech job in Japan, and in most cases my answer is to talk to Paul. He’s what devs call “one of the good recruiters” - his degree is in CS and he gets the industry. If he can’t find you a job, he can give you frank advice about why not, and where else you should go looking.

If that sounds interesting, his Japan IT jobs page lists all his current open positions, or just go to the /About link and contact him directly.