Mansions of Madness

My personal quick reference for the Mansions of Madness board game.
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  • Each player chooses an investigator card & token
  • Damage and Horror decks should be shuffled; others are best alphabetized
  • Start the app, choose scenario, enter investigators
  • Starting 🔎 clues, items, map tiles, and tokens are determined by the app

Investigator Phase

  • Each player takes a turn, in any order
  • On a turn, an investigator may take up to 2 actions (see below)
  • If an investigator dies, tell the app - others get one final round only.

Mythos Phase

  • Event step: the app will prompt
  • Monster step: the app will describe actions and AI
    • For AI, distances are measured in steps (movement distance)
    • “Move nearer/further” means the number of steps must decrease/increase
    • If movement AI has a goal and the monster can’t reach it, tell the app without moving the monster
    • Some monsters have notes on their base card
  • Horror step: each player in range of a monster does a horror check in the app.
    • If several, use the highest horror rating (blue number)
    • Multiple investgators near the same monster resolve the same check

Common Actions

  • Move - up to 2 spaces. Can be interrupted by other actions.
  • Search, Explore, Interact - interact with a token in your space via the app
  • Attack - a monster in your space, or within range if you have a ranged weapon
  • Trade - Pick up, drop, or exchange any number of item cards with a player in your space
  • Item - Use any “action” abilities on your item cards

Movement / Range

  • All distances are counted in spaces - separated by solid white lines or doors
  • “Within range” means up to 3 spaces away, but not through doors
  • Dotted lines block movement but not range


  • Skill tests specify a skill icon, modifier, and/or target.
  • Roll dice equal to your skill value + modifiers. Minimum 1.
  • Elder ⛤ signs are successes, 🔎 can be converted by spending a 🔎 clue token
  • Examples:
    • (🪽+1) means roll agility+1, more successes are better
    • (📖; 3) means roll your lore, 3 successes needed to pass
    • X Damage (💪+1 negates) means roll strength+1, each success negates a damage

Damage / Horror

  • When taking (damage/horror), gain a card - face up by default, resolving any effects
  • Drawing/turning face up is done randomly, but you can choose which to discard
  • When taking (damage/horror) that would exceed your (health/sanity):
    • If already (Wounded/Insane), your investigator dies.
    • Otherwise, first resolve any new faceup cards
    • Then discard all facedown (damage/horror) cards and become (Wounded/Insane)
    • Draw a random condition card and apply its effects
    • Note that insanity cards have a minimum player count - redraw as needed

Rare Actions

  • Push - Move monster/player in your space to an adjacent one. If target is unwilling, must pass a strength test with target of monster’s brawn (red number) or player’s strength test result+1. On success
  • Barricade - (un)barricade a door.
    • If moving into barricaded room, must pass (💪;2). May then enter.
    • For monster, use brawn (red number) as 💪. Barricade destroyed on a pass.
  • Set fire - place a fire in your space, if you have a light source item
  • Extinguish fire - Test 🪽. For each success, remove fire from a space you move into this turn.
  • Steal - from player in your space. Choose 💪/🪽/👁️, do an opposed test, and for each success exceeding the target’s you can steal one item.

Misc Rules

  • Evade - When on a monster’s space, any action besides Attack requires an evade check
    • If several, use highest awareness (green number).
    • Then select monster in app and choose Evade. On a fail the action is lost.
  • Fire
    • Take 1 facedown damage when moving into a space with fire, or performing any action other than move while in fire
    • Monsters take 1 damage when starting turn in fire or moving into it
    • When fire spreads in Mythos phase place 1 new token only
  • Spells - when acquiring a spell, choose a random copy of it without reading the back (yet)
  • Darkness - if on a space with a darkness token, cannot spend 🔎 Clues unless a light source item is present or adjacent.

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